Purpose Statement

To create a weather website that is visually pleasing ad user friendly


Who is using the site?
• About 8 and over
• Any type of education, at least know how to read and use a computer
• All income levels
• All family statuses; single, married, divorced, widowe youth
• Someone wondering what the weather will be like in their area

What is the visitor doing when he/she visits the site?
• Sitting at home, using a desktop or laptop machine
• Laying in bed, using their tablet or phone prior to sleep
• Commuting the work on public transportation on a tablet or phone
• At work on their tablet or phone or desktop

What actions or content is the visitor wanting?
• To know the current detailed weather
• To know the weather within a 23 day span
• To know the weather in other cities
• To get a quick summary of the local weather

Where is the visitor located?
• They will be everywhere, But concerned with the weather in Franklin, Greenville and Springfield

When is the site being visited?
• 6:25am preparing for a commute to work
• Late at night before going to bed
• Anytime they want to know the weather
• Before traveling
• Before going outside

How are users accessing the site?
• A desktop machine, fast broadband connection.
• A Kindle Fire HD using wi-fi at the Starbucks
• An iPhone 6S Plus using 4G LTE
• A Samsung Note 6 with a commuter train wi-fi connection
• A Windows Surface Pro 4 with a home dial-up connection


Kindergarten Teacher in Greenville
Fictional name:
Sally Murphy

Job title/major responsibilities:
10 Year Kindergarten Teacher at Greenville Elementary

• 52 years old
• Married
• Mother of three children
• Has a BA in Elementary Ed

Goals and Tasks
She has been teaching elementary school for 10 years. She enjoys teaching and inspiring young minds. She mentors new teachers and always takes time for student teachers to be in her class. Her day is filled with children needed help, recess, and learning new things about her students everyday. She likes to know the weather in advance to know her commute as well as if there will be indoor recess.
Spends her lesson time:
• Explaining new concepts
• Helping students with work
• Practicing great classroom management
• Encouraging class participation

She is comfortable on the computer. In the 10 years she has been teaching, she has seen an increase in technology that the students use as well as herself, with laptops for each student and smartboards for her to use. She uses the internet for her lessons and emails and creating lesson plans. About 3 hours at work she is on the computer. At home she is on it for about 2 hours with either social media or Pinterest.

"Every child can learn."


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Peer Review

Maren McIntire
I looked at your sketches and I think they are a good start, but it would be helpful to include more specifics on the elements. Many of the elements are labled "content" and I think a bit more information would help me to visualize what the site will be in its finished form if it said something more about what the content of that space would be. It doesn't need to be detailed, but if it was something like "wind information" or "city name" or "city image" at least that would help to know what type of content to expect would go there.