Visitor Analysis and Persona - Rebekah Ralph

URL: www.lds.org

Visitor Analysis

Who is using the site?
• Age about 12 to dead
• Any type of education, at least know how to read
• All income levels
• All family statuses; single, married, divorced, widowed
• Most likely a member of the LDS church. At least a general understand of content, but also come with questions.

What is the visitor doing when he/she visits the site?
• Sitting at home, using a desktop or laptop machine
• Laying in bed, using their tablet or phone prior to sleep
• Commuting the work on public transportation on a tablet or phone
• At church on their tablet or phone

What actions or content is the visitor wanting?
• Help preparing a lesson
• Selecting a message to share with others
• Finding answers to personal questions
• Logging into personal account to pay charitable donations
• Finding location of local meetinghouse
• Watching inspiration talks and stories
• Listening to uplifting music and talks

Where is the visitor located?
• They will be everywhere.
• Content does not change based on location

When is the site being visited?
• 9:25am preparing a Sunday School lesson during sacrament
• Late at night before going to bed
• Anytime a question arises
• During church
• During special large meetings with all members

How are users accessing the site?
• A desktop machine, fast broadband connection.
• A Kindle Fire HD using wi-fi at the church
• An iPhone 6S Plus using 4G LTE
• A Samsung Note 6 with a commuter train wi-fi connection
• A Windows Surface Pro 4 with a home dial-up connection
The website looks very nice and has calming feel to it. It is neatly organized and very user friendly. The navigation works well and the ability to search all content is a great feature that users like and use. The website is designed for LDS people of all ages and all walks of life. Non-LDS people can use it but the website is geared to those of the LDS faith.


LDS Sunday School Teacher
Fictional name:
Mary Adams

Job title/major responsibilities:
Stay at home mom, LDS Gospel Doctrine Teacher

• 48 years old
• Married
• Mother of six children
• Son on a mission
• Has a BA in Family Life

Goals and Tasks
She is determined to be a great teacher. She wants to be as knowledgeable on the subject matter as possible. She puts forth as much time as possible on her lesson but without neglecting her family.
Spends her lesson time:
• Explaining teachings
• Asking questions
• Answering questions
• Encouraging class participation

She is fairly comfortable on the computer. Her children help her if she needs it. She is connected to internet at home by DSL on her desktop and at church via WIFI on her tablet. She emails mostly about family especially her son on a mission. She blogs about her family and is on social media (Facebook) for 1 hour a day and when she is waiting for her kids various activities to be done.

"What else can I/we learn"